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our commitment to service The Perfect Solution

Recently, a customer came to us with a challenge. The wrong information is occasionally placed on a garment, but with the inception of imprinted labels this has become an exceptionally difficult challenge. They needed a way to remove the imprint so the garment would not have to be thrown away. After extensive experimentation, CPP created a unique solvent that did the job and left the garment unharmed, unstained and odorless. We “stepped up to the plate” and have become the only company that can perform this task and ultimately saved our customers an enormous amount of time, money and wasted goods.

A Not So Sticky Situation

A printing company delivered hundreds of Point-of-Sale kits to their customer recently, but when examined, the customer discovered that the transfer tape wouldn’t adhere to the display’s tear pads. CPP, Inc. picked up the kits, replaced the transfer tape, repacked nine pallets of kits and delivered the job back to the customer in two days. One day ahead of schedule and at an affordable price.

A Brighter Idea

One of our customers asked us to use brightly colored sealing tape when we repacked their products. They wanted to be able to distinguish between the boxes we packed and those packed by other vendors. According to our customer, when they compared the containers the other venders supplied them to the work done by CPP they found that the product counts were always the most accurate, the contents clearly marked and the products returned in excellent condition.

Through Rain, Sleet, Snow and Low Prices

We’ve performed several large and complex packaging and fulfillment services for the United States Postal Service over the years. The USPS requires competitive quotes and only awards projects to the least expensive vendors. This says a lot about our affordable pricing!

the solution
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